mardi 13 avril 2010

matthew gray gubler.

Weather getting nice, summer approaching, & everyone should be ecstatic.
Sorry for the temporary hiatus, I prefer to have a few beers under the warm sun then to sitting in front of my computer for hours. That and I do have an education to tend to.

Dum diddie.

So my new article (if you haven't intelligently deducted from the title) is about Matthew Gray Gubler. A true modern day renaissance man. Actor/Director/Artist...
Now, I haven't done extensive research on him because, well, I like to cling on to the thin threads of a life I still manage to have left (only god knows why), but he seems like he would be an excellent dancer, he's got that tall, thin, white boy thing going on & I am sure he can bust a move like no other.

But that is not really the point of this particular blog entry, it is more to enlighten you on the coolness that this actor possesses and that all should aspire to.

Let's start at the beginning of my discovery.
I was watching Alvin & the Chipmunks, because what 2o year old wouldn't be? And I see the name that voices Simon & I was like "interesting". Then he just kind of happened to pop up in literally everything else I started to watch, the list would be the following:

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, directed by my favorite Wes Anderson, and I had yet to see it, I figured I had to get on that.
How To Be a Serial Killer, found this one by accident, I love mockumentaries and I think the whole concept of this movie was HI-larious.
[5oo] Days of Summer, Joseph Gordon Levitt & Zooey Deschanel. Who would say no?
Then, one day out of sheer boredom & lack of anything to do, I started to watch Criminal Minds & I thought "Heeeeey, it's the Gubler guy" and to be honest, if I was a tad crazier I would actually think I was being followed, but the people in the little box aren't real, is what the doctor keeps saying, even though I beg to differ.
So obviously I deducted that some higher power was forcing me to google Matthew Gray Gubler, so google I did, and I got sent
Which I think is one of the coolest sites I have ever been to.
And for that reason I decided to come out of my hiatus early.

Matthew Gray Gubler, was born on a day in a certain month of a certain year, somewhere in some state most likely, & if this is the info your looking for I don't have it, go to imdb.

Things I do happen to know is that he hasn't been in many movies, & he hasn't had enormous roles in most of the movies he has been in, but he plays each character to a tee.
He is one of the stars of TV show Criminal Minds which just happens to seem like every crime show out there but really isn't, it's smart & funny when need be, and you literally fall in love with every single character.
The Gube (cause the two of us are at that nickname stage in our relationship) does a marvelous job as the socially retarded genius Dr. Spencer Reid.

But the acting is not all.

As someone who can not draw a picture if I had a gun pointed to my head BUT that has been known to write short films & snap a picture or two, I have become a huge fan of his artwork, which should be admired by everyone reading this right now, so go.
I am an American who has been living in France for quite a while I must do my part to make sure that we are well perceived & correctly represented abroad.
So to anyone who ever doubted the coolness of us US of A-ians;
Pretend we are all as hip as Mr. Gubler.

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'calla a dit…

C'est drole que vous croyez que il est un bon dancer parce-que the dernier fois qu'il fait du dance, a Juin 2009, il fait du mal a la genneu (? pardon moi, mais je parle anglias a ma francias est - donc, mal, mais je voudrais le practice). It a eu 3 "surgeries" and...well -

It's funny that you should think Matt a great dancer - the last time he did it he broke his knee, yes, his knee, in such a way as to have had 3 surgeries and 7months of therapy and pain and suffering. He did it last June. tha'ts way CM's story line has gone Reid-less for a good bit of this year.
But you're right - he is AWESOME!

'calla a dit…
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Katerinaballerina a dit…

This is something I did not know.
But you see, I am like that, a horrible dancer but with a dancers soul, 'tis a sad, sad life I lead when I know that I can not truly bust it.

Shannon a dit…

Meanwhile, even though he did royally bust up his knee, the skinny white boy CAN busta-move!! As demonstrated with how famously he busted his knee, he puts his whole body into his moves!! :)

Great blog! <3 him!

Katerinaballerina a dit…

Aw. Thanks a lot. Be sure to come back.

Anonyme a dit…

Have you seen this Matthew Gray Gubler video interview? Love him!