vendredi 22 octobre 2010


Question: Do I have a computer?
Ansewer: Yes, siree, I do.

I have lost count of the months, but it's been a while, and in between, there has been some confusion. Many things I wanted to write about, that I can't remember, that I am no longer interested in & no, I am not suffering from ADD, but things come & go as do people who were interested in my blog, that no longer are, shit happens n'est ce pas?

But boom baby, I am back and will continue to be until someone decides to step on this computer & crack my screen (when I say someone I mean me, but it really wasn't my fault, what was the shit doing on the floor under my sisters bed? The answer? I do not know, you need to ask my sister).

So after a long hiatus... I need to attempt to get whoever was interested, interested once again.

So let's do this shit.

1o songs you should be listening to simultaneously, like now, let's go,

No particular order, just listen.

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