mercredi 1 juin 2011

Evolution of a classic :

do you want to touch me .

A song that orignaily came out in 1973 , written & performed by one Gary Glitter . A british glam rock , Bowie wannabe , & when you hear the words and see the video combined you kind of understand why this man is a convicted pedophile . These images are just disturbing , click here to witness the strange original video .

Taken out of conext , or out of the mouth of Gary Glitter , the song becomes bad ass . Like totaly bad ass .
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts covered this song in 1982 a very kitcsh, very 8o's , Joan Jett , all lesbian like , in a bikini for no apparent reason . It kind of makes you want to get in to a bar fight . Click here to feel all that homo-erotic rage .

2o1o , do you like Glee ?
Of course you do . Because Glee is kind of kick ass & really makes everyone happy .
Gwenyth Paltrow , good actress , good singer , great song , with her two back up singers/dancers :
Naya Rivera & Heather Morris . Click here to see the coolness it's become .