mercredi 10 mars 2010

watching on the TV...

So, an other show produced by Mark Wahlberg amongst others. On the contrary to Entourage this show isn't about once you make it big, it's the before part.
I think that the location is use a lot better than in Entourage. New York is a beautiful city & you can see it in the show.
Bryan Greenberg is what I think an extremely underrated actor. I have loved him in pretty much everything I have seen him in, and here he does a great job of a struggling underacheiver who wants it all but doesn't nessecarily want to have to work for it.
Victor Rasuk has one of those faces, you are sure you have seen him somewhere but you just can't place it. He plays the role of the loud mouth, out-going somewhat cooky best friend to the tee. He is likable, but has the potential of becoming very annoying soon.
I am THRILLED to see Shannyn Sossamon is in this, she is a beautiful, elegent & talented actress & I think the NYC art scene role that she has taken on suits her very well.
I am curious to see how Scott Mescudi will succeed as an actor, everyone knows him a lot better under the pseudonyme Kid Cudi. I like the music, will I like the acting? After o4 episodes it is hard to tell.
That being said this show has a lot of potential. Great location, because after all is said & done who doesn't love New York? Good cast. Real writing. Great producers. Amazing directing. Everything that this show has going for it, is being used to perfection. The fact that the show isn't about having loads of money, women, material things, etc... Is what I like about it. Don't get me wrong I love Entourage, but I love this aspect of making it in the art business aswell, it's what every artist wants, the story of struggle before success, because who wants to listen to a story where having it all came easy? We all want to know that we are working our asses off for a reason...We do it because we hope that one day it might turn into something great & in the mean time, you are doing what you love & that is the story being told by this show.
I would tune in if I were you.

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