mercredi 17 février 2010

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Don't let the pretty colors distract you. Although I must say this album cover confused me for a quick second.
Now, I will be honest. Cobra Starship was never really my cup of tea. But then again I never really listened to them...
I was a fan of The Sounds, and I heard "
Bring it" which was on the Snakes on a Plane OST (DO NOT get me started on that movie). And to be honest this was a song that I throughly enjoyed.
I heard their version of "Hollaback boy", which I find HI-larious. Then, a while back I heard that Leighton Meester was doing a song with Cobra Starship and I was all "Ahhh, I know them", so I figured, check it out.
And I am very happy that I did.

Hot Mess is refreshing & different. You can not really class Cobra Starship into any one genre.
Which in my opinion is one of the many reasons this is a great band.
They have those new age rock roots, literally just a pinch of hip-hop influence then add a semi-electro sound without the annoyingness of actual electro music into the mix and you have Cobra Starship. Kind of.

On this album every song you hear makes you want to not only get up & dance but it makes you want to go out get piss ass drunk and start shit.
Good girls go bad" is a wonderful collaboration between the band and Leighton Meestor, Blair Waldorf has a voice, who'd a thunk it. She does a great job & the video is just... The colors, the music, the ambiance... It is a perfect combination of everything you want out of the song.
Hot Mess" hmm. What to say? It is a song pretty much any girl who likes to party can relate to.
Goddamn when I am stumbling the streets I can only hope I am looking hella fine because if not, with the amount of alcohol I consume... We may have some issues.

People rate "classic" songs by their meaning. What is behind the song, what message is being sent, what kind of role model they were, how that song changed your life... Which is normal. You know a great song when every time you hear it, it brings you back to the first time you heard it.
Cobra Starship is not trying to change the world, or force their opinions on the masses through their music. There may not be a deep message behind every word, or there may just be the deepest message of all:
Life is short & it could end at anytime, so just do your thing.
Which may not seem deep but these guys & girl get the point across, that is what makes them great.

Cobra Starship is revolutionizing a whole new music genre, and how often can you say that nowadays when everything sounds the same?
And the fact like they seem like people you just want to spend all day with helps:

A HOT MESS: A person who is a handful, he/she is a piece of work, and or a colorful character.

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