mercredi 17 février 2010

and I am back...

Back, and inspired really. Not inspired as much as I am bored.
But then again, being bored is just a reason to start being creative, think of the wonders that wouldn't exist if someone some where didn't get bored out of their minds and decided to do something about.

Thinking about it like that... I could be the next big thing. Or not.

I could be like most of the people out and about, having absolutly nothing else to do but sit in front of the computer and watch stupid youtube videos, listening to music whilst surfing strange sites looking for something to entertain myself from the fact that my life is so sad I have nothing else to do but this, so I am just content looking at people getting married in the 99 cent store and just saying to myself at least I am not at that point in my life, thank god.
Then that gets me thinking, hot damn, (yes, I am saying hot damn now) I'd rather be that old lady in the smelly house with a mess of animals on the corner, than get married at the 99 cent store.
Not only does that store just piss the shit out of me because it isn't 99 CENTS, it's 99 cents plus tax...
Can we say false advertisement?
It should be called the 1.o7 dollar store, then, and only then would I think about getting married there. Jeeeez people.
Then there is also the whole... Like really, father of the bride, you couldn't spring for like an outdoor wedding? There is no back yard in the trailer park you happen to live in? No parking lot you can make look pretty with some white Christmas lights and some weeds from the field next door?

That is all I really have to say about that.

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