lundi 15 novembre 2010

my original soundtrack.

(n. coutouzis)

o1. when i walk into a room:
Got To Give It Up Part o1 by: Marvin Gaye

o2. when i feel like shakin' my boot(ay) in a language i don't understand:

o3. when i feel that left over teenage angst:

o4. when nobody is around:

o5. when i was in grade school:

o6. when i am feeling old school:

o7. when i truly believe i am ghet-to:

o8. when i am walking down the street:

o9. when the lyrics are so offensive i feel bad to sing along, but i do it anyway:

1o. when i can't help the Jersey in me:

11.when i am feeling nostalgic:

12. when i am feeling happy:

13. when the Swayze shaped hole in my heart begins to ache:

14. when i am feeling oh so 8o's:

15. when i wish i was at a concert:

16. when i am feeling girly:

17. when i want to hear a masterpiece:

18. when i wish i was still in high school:

19. when i want to be inspired:

2o. when i think about home:

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